T444Z Hair Products

We all know what hair offers to people - confidence and self-esteem. It is true for both women and men. T444Z offers a holistic approach to improve a person's hair. It is a plant based product that was developed from natural ingredients extracted from the trees deep from the forests of Africa. In the interest of keeping it organic, T444Z has limited the use of preservatives.

Use T444Z for massive hair growth, volume and thickness. It also repairs hair lines, stops balding, dandruff, scalp dryness, itchiness and hair loss.

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Product shot of T444Z Hair Food
Product shot of T444Z Hair Food


Aloe, Herbal extract, Rose oil, Chamomile, Menthol, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Castor Oil, Peppermint, Papaya Extracts, Vitamin A, Carrot Extracts, Shea Butter and Essential Oils.


Developed from natural plant extracts, T444Z is a very effective hair product. It is a cocktail of different extracts that have been proven to deal with different hair problems. Hair loss, hair line damage, thinning hair, brittle and dry hair, itchy scalp, dry scalp and dandruff problems are some common problems experienced. These need not bother you anymore as T444Z will stop them within two months. Continued use will ensure healthy hair that grows strong and without having to use any other product. Not only is it useful to people with hair problems; it is the only product proven to enhance the growth of hair for both women and men.

T444Z has been developed by a hairdresser and not in a laboratory. Years of tests and experimentation with different plant extracts has taught us that most products work on one hair problem and in the end one has to buy different products at the same time. T444Z has made this a thing of the past by combining different extracts known for their qualities in giving good, healthy and long hair that everyone desires.

Here are some innovative techniques to enrich and enlighten you in hair nurturing and chemical-free hair care.


  1. Wash your hair thoroughly to remove all the dirt and other products you may have used lately.
  2. Dry your hair completely with a towel until no dampness is left, avoid using a blow dryer (it means leaving your hair for some time until it is dry).
  3. Apply T444Z using your fingers to the scalp and massaging it thoroughly to ensure even distribution to the whole head. (NB.Hair grows inside the scalp so applying any cream onto the hair does not help its growth).
Image of hair treatment with T444Z Hair Food product.
Image of hair treatment with T444Z Hair Food product.

Useful Tips

Some styles that put tension on the hairs – tight ponytails, plaits or corn-rows – can cause hair loss.

Vigorous brushing is more likely to damage the hair and make the problem worse.

Only the root of the hair is alive and this gets its oxygen from the blood in the scalp. Wigs and hairpieces will damage hair only if they are too tight.

‘Blow-drying and heated brushes can worsen hair loss’. The reason is that extreme heat damages the proteins in the hairs, making them fragile and liable to break off. Brushing the hair during blow-drying causes more damage. Careless use of heated brushes can even burn the scalp, so that the hair follicles are permanently damaged in that area.

Protein-containing conditioners only temporarily fill in defects on the surface of the hair shaft, making it smoother and thicker.

Hair dyes, perms and hairsprays do not affect thinning hair. Perms and hairsprays can help to disguise the problem.

Dos and Don'ts

  • Massage scalp regularly to increase circulation and oil secretion
  • Avoid scratching scalp with finger nails or fine combs
  • Avoid using tight hair bands, wigs and hair retainers because they damage the hair line.
  • When using any product make sure you follow the instructions as advised and stick with it for the recommended period.
  • Avoid unnecessary dyeing or tinting and rough combing.
  • When braiding, make sure you avoid small and tight braids.

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Trust me .. Apr 12, 09, 2:49 am

Trust me this product really works,its absolutely amazing,the results are unbelievable.The hair dresser who made this product is simply brilliant.


I have been using T444Z since August 08 and I c... Apr 11, 09, 12:17 pm

I have been using T444Z since August 08 and I can honestly say I am pleased with the results. I have never had a full hairline before and it started receding mostly after I had my first child 10 years ago. I have used other products but this I can say really works!


well done you have transformed our image. Apr 06, 09, 11:39 am

well done you have transformed our image.


Apr 29 2009 10:09am

This product is best of all. Thanks to the inventor. That was a brilliant idea. Big up.


Apr 29 2009. 1100am

Iam very happy, my hair has been transformed. This product really works, if you follow the simple instructions. I have always taken with my hair, now I can really hold my head high.


May 13 2009 7.00

T444Z works!! I am one of those people who did not believe before seeing like Thomas in the Bible. I have seen the results with my own eyes on my hair so I believe and am using the product.


May 28 2009

I am truly pleased with the results and the feedback that I have been getting from people who buy from me as an agent has all been really positive. Thank you for this wonderful product, something that really works!!


June 19 2009

I am very happy with the way my hair is growing and has so much volume. Thank you for all the hard work. My hairline had receded but am happy to say the transformation after almost 1 year of using the product is unbelievable. I am ever so grateful.


June 18 2009

Thumbs up, T444Z ndizvo. You have transformed my image and I am more confident with myself.


8 July 2009

This is a product for everyone; men, women, young and old. It is a solution for any hair problems and goes beyond what you expect. I have used it for the past 10 months and I can testify. DON'T DOUBT IT, USE IT AND ENJOY HEALTHY HAIR.

B. Manyara

21 July 2009

Hey sis this is truly a miraculous product trust me, we are all pleased with the results.


8 Aug 2009, 7:32 am

Hey this should have been the product called Dr miracle. Thanks Sandra I can't wait to show off my hair.


13 August 2009, 11:55 am

I have tried lots other products and hair dressers but this one is the best. None else can beat this one, my hair now is on top of the world.


23 August 2009, 9:17 am

hey Sandy the balding has stopped, well done..........!!!!!.


1 Sept 2009

What an amazing product! I have used lots of products before but this one is just in a class of its own. My hair has grown, no more dandruff problems and to crown it all its working wonders for my daughter's natural hair as well. I definitely recommend it to anyone.


1 September 20 09, 1:47 pm

You know i have used t444z for about six months now im so happy very very happy,its a genuine product and i know many people who have have used it and impressed all thanks to Sandra. i love it, now im walking in a a true foundation for my hair. well done

God Bless


2 Sept 2009

You know I have been using T444Z for about six months now and I'm so happy, very very happy; its a genuine product and I know many people who have used it and are impressed. All thanks to Sandra. I love my hair now. I'm walking in a true foundation for hair. Well done. God bless.


28 October 2009, 10:49 am

A job welldone for producing a product like this. Why not take it further maybe to the one show... Its a suggestion. Obviously it is evident you have a passion of hair and you have taken so much time to come up with something so wonderful. I will be glad when this is a worldwide recognised product. Good luck...


6 January 2010, 2:37 am

lovin the product, well done


22 February 2010, 7:00 am

Hi, I am impressed with the positive response you have had and look forward to you exhibiting at Afro.


16 April 2010, 6:18 pm

Just bought my t44z, looking forward to great results, lm positive.


6 May 2010, 1:51 pm

So inspired by ur product. would not mind working for you!!


14 May 2010, 1:35 am

Congrats for you efforts of bring back the beauty of an African woman

19 May 2010, 6:15 am

i am really pleased with this product since i started using this my hair has change,i have got thin hair but the moment i started using this product there is a different.thanks guys


May 24, 10, 4:55 am

the product has been excellent so far almost two years on, my hair has grown soooo much that this sister is being mistaken for other races which i truly am not from!!!. I NEVER THOUGHT MY HAIR WOULD EVER GET THIS LONG , BULKY AND BEAUTIFUL. IT FEELS GREAT ALL THE HARDWORK LOOKING AFTER MY HAIR AND HELPING ME MANTAIN IT AND OF COURSE FOR THE WONDERFUL PRODUCT THAT IS NOW A PART OF MY LIFE T444Z. GOD BLESS U


25 May 2010, 9:40 am

the product has been excellent so far. have started using the product since February this year. thanks to t44z my hair line is slowly coming up.